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Ubud Palace
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Ubud Palace

Ubud Palace or known as Saren Agung Palace, which is a palace as the center of the royal government that ruled its time.

The existence of Ubud Palace is well organized and maintained like its original form, maintaining the traditional Balinese design and layout and the characteristics of traditional buildings that you still encounter standing firmly, filled with Balinese carved ornaments.

The traditional houses still decorate the palace grounds. Balinese identity does look so perfect in Ubud Palace, reminding visitors to the era of feudalism. The place like this is very rare for us to meet today, and Saren Agung Palace is one of the castle's tourist objects which is very popular in Bali Island.

The History of Ubud Palace

The Ubud Palace was built by Tjokorda Ida Putu Kandel. The reign of this king ranged from 1800-1823 AD. So that this palace can be considered ancient. It is a historical palace that has its own charm.

The collection of furniture in there has a high aesthetic value. The traditional Balinese buildings look artistic, captivating and keeping various historical memories of the past. It has also an auditorium as a meeting place. Saren Agung Palace is also used as a place to preserve traditional culture, develop and protect various Balinese arts and literature.

The Location of Ubud Palace

Ubud Palace is located in the strategic area exactly at the main street of Ubud and across of the market. It will take about 45 minutes from Denpasar City.

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