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Ubud Atv Riding, White Water Rafting, and Swing – Triple Combination
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Ubud Atv Riding, White Water Rafting, and Swing – Triple Combination

Atv Riding, White Water Rafting, and Swing are amazing activities that you can try in Ubud. All of them are the best choice to make your holiday become more unforgettable in Bali Island.

Perhaps you want to get all experiences of these activities, you can join in adventure tour by Peaceful Bali Tour.  We provide combination adventure packages among of “ATV Riding, Rafting, and Swing” at affordable price.

All packages include a transport service (pick up and return back), safety equipment, professional instructor, activities tickets, locker, shower room, lunch, and insurance coverage.

Normally, our package is designed for two activities as ATV Riding and Rafting. Both activities will take you enjoy natural beauty of Bali in a fun way.

The Most Amazing Activities to do in Bali

Bali ATV Riding Adventure
Bali ATV Riding Adventure

The ATV Riding or also known as “Quad Bike Riding” is an adventure which will challenge you to explore extreme route with wet, muddy, and also steep tracks by riding atv bike. You can conquer obstacles while seeing beautiful panorama of green forest, rural point, rice field, also river which all exist to impressive eyes.

Bali White Water Rafting Adventure
Bali White Water Rafting Adventure

The white water rafting is another adventure which involves you in a thrilling navigation on Ayung River. Here, we will board an inflatable boat and use a paddle to navigate along the rapids with large rocks and medium stream. It also get through a fabulous waterfall, green forest, and also unique sceneries of unique stones carvings.

Swing Spot in Ubud
Swing Spot in Ubud

If you want a longer trip, then you can add Ubud Swing into your tour itinerary. Ubud Swing is a famous spot nowadays in Bali for unusual swing board which offer challenging thrills for anyone which try it.

The swings here hang high on the branch of the trees and really will make you feel trembling and close eyes when playing on the swing board. It offers extreme sensation as flying in the sky.

If you can fight fear and also calm your mind then you are probably addicted to try it more and more. That’s because the views of green forest valleys look so spectacular from top point. You even can pose on the swing in the green background to get more amazing photos by asking the staff to help you in taking pictures.

How to join in adventure tour? Please send text or call us via contact below.

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