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Ubud Swing and White Water Rafting – Start From IDR 650.000
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Ubud Swing and White Water Rafting – Start From IDR 650.000

Doing outdoor fun activities is the best way to make your holiday become more unforgettable in Bali Island. Some recommended activities to do in the island are Ubud Swing and White Water Rafting.

Both activities will be done in natural spot of Ubud Countryside. You will get a lot of exciting experiences and stunning sceneries of nature here. Bring a camera so that you can capture all memorable memories during the activities, and be remembered for next years.

Playing on Extreme Swings

Swing Spot in Ubud
Swing Spot in Ubud

The spot of swings activity is located in Tegalalang - Ubud, where its spot is surrounded by green nature. Here, you can play swing while seeing beautiful panorama around it.

Need to note that swings in the spot are different than swings that you usually see in playground before it. The swings here have a height of more than 15 meters on the ground.

Boarding on a swing at first time probably will make you tremble particularly when looking down on valley with green forest, which seems very high from top point of view.

You should take a few deep breathes to calm your mind. By those ways, then you can enjoy the extreme swings and the stunning sceneries. Don’t forget to take a few picture on the swing, ask the staff for help you.

Rafting Along Thrilling Rapid

Ayung White Water Rafting Bali
Ayung White Water Rafting Bali

The spot of the rafting activity is also located in Ubud, exactly on Ayung River. This activity challenges you to navigate along rapids route by boarding an inflatable boat and using a paddle.

The route requires you to maneuver between large river rocks and follow heavy stream. It will probably take 2 hours from start point to finish. Some safety equipment as a helm and a life jacket must be worn (include in the package).

Meanwhile, you will also see beautiful panoramas of green forest, a waterfall, and also unique stone carvings at the side of the river.

Join in Ubud Swing and White River Rafting with Us

Here, we provide affordable activity packages which include a transport service, safety equipment, a guide (instructor), activity ticket, locker, shower room, lunch, and insurance.

The price of the packages are IDR 650.000 (USD $48) for adults and IDR 600.000 (USD $45) for child. Please contact us below for booking or asking any questions.

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