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Ubud Quad Bike, Water Rafting, and Swing (Combination Package)
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Ubud Quad Bike, Water Rafting, and Swing (Combination Package)

There are many options of outdoor fun activities do to in Ubud – Bali such as quad bike riding, white water rafting, and also swing adventure.

All activities are good choices for those of you who want a holiday with memorable exciting experiences.

Bali ATV Riding Adventure
Bali ATV Riding Adventure

Perhaps you want to try all of the activities on same day, here we provide triple combination package among quad bike riding, white water rafting, and swing activity.

  1. Quad Bike Riding (also known ATV riding), a thrilling activity which will involve you to ride a quad bike to conquer various kind of challenging obstacles such as wet, muddy, and steep terrains.
  2. White Water Rafting, an exciting navigation on inflatable boat along river route where you must paddle a kayak to maneuver on rapids with large rocks and streams.
  3. Swing, an extreme activity on high swing board which hang on trees over cliffs where the swings has different difficulty level (start from 15 meters and above).

The adventure package already includes a transport service, activity tickets, safety equipment, professional instructors, shower room, locker, lunch, and insurance coverage.

Exciting Experience and Stunning Sceneries

Ayung White Water Rafting Bali
Ayung White Water Rafting Bali

Spots of all activities above are located in Ubud, a famous countryside for unique culture and stunning nature.

The quad bike riding is done on a spot route where you will get through the rice fields, beautiful village, and jungle forest. During the adventure, you can conquer some challenging obstacles and see stunning sceneries of green nature.

Swing Spot in Ubud
Swing Spot in Ubud

The white water rafting take a spot of Ayung River – the most amazing rafting spot (about 10 kilometers) which offers thrilling rapids and also beautiful panorama of a waterfall, green forest, and also unique carving stones.

Meanwhile, the swing is located in hidden place which has stunning valley underneath Board swing while seeing stunning sceneries an amazing experiences that you get here.

So, the activities doesn’t only offers challenging obstacles but also beautiful sceneries.

How to Join in The Adventures

For joining, you can book the tour package by contacting us via below. Please don’t forget to prepare change of clothes, sunblock, sunglass, and also cash money (personal expense) for supporting your experiences.

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