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Ubud ATV Ride and White Water Rafting (Extra Swing Activity)
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Ubud ATV Ride and White Water Rafting (Extra Swing Activity)

Not only a double combination, we also provide a triple combination of outdoor activities in Ubud – Bali, which it consist of Atv Riding, White Water Rafting, and Swing.

The triple combination is a good choice for those who want a holiday with longer adventure experience and more memorable memories.

All those activities will be done in Ubud, a popular countryside in the island for beautiful nature and unique arts. Hence, you shouldn’t miss this triple combination before leaving the island.

ATV Riding Adventure

Ubud Quad Bike Adventure on River Track
Ubud Quad Bike Adventure on River Track

Atv riding adventure is so exciting! It will challenge you to ride through challenging track route with muddy and muddy terrains. Its route also get through some beautiful panorama such as rice fields, forest, and also rice fields.

We have prepared a powerful atv bike (also known as quad bike), safety equipment, and also a professional instructor for your adventure.

The safety equipment consist a helm and gumboots which all are ready at spot of the adventure and worn before riding. Then, it is continued by instructor who introduce the route of the adventure and tell some basic techniques of riding atv.

White Water Rafting

Ayung White Water Rafting Bali
Ayung White Water Rafting Bali

White water rafting (also known as River Rafting Activity) is done at Ayung River – Ubud. Its spot has a long of 10 kilometers and offers challenging rapid with large rocks, medium stream, and also cascade.

Along the route, you must navigate by boarding an inflatable boat and paddling a kayak to maneuver between large river rocks.

Some impressive sceneries such as a green forest, waterfall, and also unique stone carvings will take off your eyes at sides of the route. You can stop at one of the sceneries to take photo in the backgrounds.

Swing Activity

Swing Spot in Ubud
Swing Spot in Ubud

Swings in the spot are different than swings in the playgrounds because they offers extreme level as hanging high on the trees (more than 10 meters on the grounds.

Boarding on the swings will offers challenging thrill and pump your adrenaline. It is like flying in the sky and also fun because you can see stunning view of green forest below the cliff.

Meanwhile, the triple combination include a transport with driver service, activities tickets, safety equipment, professional instructor guide, lunch, and insurance coverage.

So, you just need to bring a change of clothes, a camera, sandal (slipper), sun block, and also cash money (personal expense) for more amazing experience. Please contact us via below for booking or any questions.

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