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Tree House Nusa Penida
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Tree House Nusa Penida

The Tree House at Atuh Area can be a tourist place as well as an attractive place to stay. Here, you will may feel a different holiday atmosphere. From this tree house, you have the opportunity to see the natural beauty of Nusa Penida.

This tree house building is actually very simple. Stand on a tree that has partially cut its trunk so that the house can stand upright. To reach the top of the house, bridges and stairs made of wood have been installed to help rise.

The Features of This Tree House

Not its building that makes it to be special. But the scenery and natural beauty that can be seen from above the tree house. The view seen is the expanse of Atuh Beach which are very charming. Therefore this tree house is also called the Atuh Tree House.

While sitting on the balcony, the view of Atuh Beach can be seen perfectly. In addition to spending a wonderful night on steep cliffs, visitors who come to stay must not miss the moment when the sunrise. Because in the morning offer the best view that can be seen fully wonder.

The Location of This Tree House

That Tree House is located in Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida District, Bali.

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