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Tegalalang Rice Terrace
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Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Bali Island has many the rice field areas, but not all areas in Bali, have terraced rice fields. To see the terraced rice fields in Bali that have good views, there are several places. Namely Jatiluwih Tabanan, Pupuan Tabanan, Busung Biu Buleleng, Tirta Gangga Karangasem, Antosari (Soka beach), and Tegalalang Ubud.

Tegalalang Village is located north of Ubud. On the roadside in this village, you will see many the restaurants offer the views of the terraced rice fields. Although it is not as wide as in Jatiluwih. But it offers the most common, unique views, because the slopes are very sloping. To be able to enjoy the views of the terraced rice fields comfortably. You only need to buy food or drinks in one of the stalls overlooking the view of Ubud terraces.

When farmers carry out their activities on rice fields, like cutting the grass for their livestock, foreign tourists witnessing traditional farmers' activities are certainly unique things, which have never been found in their country, it is not uncommon for the farmers to become a model, take pictures to make memories when returned to his country.

No less interesting to be enjoyed is a the method of irrigation which in Bali called Subak, then how is the process of seeding, planting, maintenance, including the irrigation, until they finally harvest.

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