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Ujung Sukasada Park
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Ujung Sukasada Park

Ujung Sukasada Park or often also called Taman Ujung Water Palace, one of the tourist attractions in East Bali which is rarely known by domestic tourists. It is one of the favorite places the couples to do pre-wedding photos. Both of Balinese couples or from other regions in Indonesia.

It is located in Banjar Ujung, Tumbu Village, Karangasem district, Bali. The location is quite far from the tourist attractions of Kuta Bali.

The History of Taman Ujung Water Palace

Taman Ujung Soekasada was built in 1901 by Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem (the King of Karangasem). It is named Dirah Pond which means a pool of disposal, for people who master black magic.

Then in 1909, the king of Karangasem ordered a Dutch architect who named Van Den Hentz and a Chinese architecture who named Loto Ang, to develop the Dirah pool for becoming as the resting place. Construction of the Ujung Soekasada Park is also aided by Balinese architecture from the Kingdom of Karangasem.

In addition as the king's resting place, in this place was also built for the king of Karangasem to meditate and a place to entertain guests of the Karangasem kingdom. Construction of the Ujung Soekasada Park, completed in 1921.

The Uniqueness of Ujung Sukasada Park

In Ujung Sukasada Park there are 3 large ponds in one place. 1 pool is in the south and 2 pools are in the north. In the middle of the southern pool, there is a building in the middle of the pond, the name of this building is Bale Bengong. Buildings from Bale Bengong do not use walls.

The pool in the North, the area is larger than the pool in the south. In the middle of the pool in the north, there is a bridge used to cross the pond. Here, there is a building that was once used as a resting place for the king of Karangasem. Because this king's resting place seems to hang, the local people call it as Gantung Palace (hanging palace).

The architecture of the resting palace of the Karangasem King has its own uniqueness, due to the fusion of medieval European architecture and Balinese architecture. The hallmark of European architecture can be seen from the presence of colorful glass, which is found on the walls, similar to the design of churches in Europe. From the window, you can see a pool with Lotus flowers that are white and red.

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