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Munduk Waterfall
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Munduk Waterfall

Munduk Waterfall is an ideal selection in filling your holiday in north Bali. Only has a height of about 15 meters, equivalent to Tegenungan waterfall in Gianyar. However, the natural atmosphere that is presented quite stunning, the flow of the waterfall that immediately fell to the surface of the land make it form a small pool that you can use to soak, the gusts of wind took along the water vapor flew into the wind so it felt so refreshing.

This waterfall also contains the sulfur mineral elements, so it is efficacious to rejuvenate the skin and cure various skin itching. If you are at a location, you can take time to soak, feel the fresh mountain water. This natural and beautiful place will provide peace and comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The fertile and green trees in around that are far from pollution, will be making your mind and body fresh again. So that if you are bored with the city's complexity and daily routine, the Munduk waterfall is an ideal place to relax.

The Location

Munduk Waterfall is Located in Munduk Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency. Located about 70 kilometers from Kuta City or 82 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport.

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