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Kehen Temple
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Kehen Temple

Vacation to Bali without visiting the temple is incomplete. Similarly, if you don't come to Kehen Bangli Temple. Unlike temples in Bali in general, the entrance to Kehen Temple has its own uniqueness. If at another temple, the door is a Candi Bentar (split gate), not so with Kehen Temple. The entrance to Kehen Temple is in the form of a kurung temple (closed gate).

Not only that, but there is also a bale kukul on a banyan tree branch. This uniqueness increasingly makes Pura Kehen a mandatory destination when visiting Bali.

The Features of Kehen Temple

The building of Kehen Temple is included in the heritage of Bali. But when was the year of its establishment still difficult to determine. But there are 3 inscriptions related to the existence of Kehen Temple.

On the first inscription (by the Old Balinese language) is mentioned the name "Hyang Karinama" or "Hyang Api" in Simpat Bunut Village. Also mentioned names of monks but no years. By Dr. R. Goris, the inscription belongs to the group with the term Caka years around 804 - 836 or around 882 - 914 AD.

On the second inscription, only one sheet is left behind which consists of 10 lines of writing. This Old Javanese inscription mentions the names Senapati Kuturan, Sapatha and the names of royal officials. This inscription is classified as the year of Isaka between 938 - 971 or around 1016 - 1049 AD.

In the third inscription, it is mentioned: "Hyang Api" to be "Hyang Kehen" until now known as Kehen Temple. From the origin of the word, "Kehen" comes from the word "Keren" which means "fire". So that of the three inscriptions it can be estimated that the Kehen Temple stands around 882 - 914 AD or the Caka 804 – 836 years.

Kehen Temple is a place of worship to Sang Hyang Widhi as His manifestation. The ceremony held at this temple takes place every six months, to coincide with the Pagerwesi Holyday, which is every Buda Kliwon Wuku Sinta or ten months before the Galungan Holyday.

The Location of Kehen Temple

Kehen Bangli Temple is located in Cempaga Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency. Its existence can be reached from Ubud for about 40 minutes.

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