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Kecak and Fire Dance
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Kecak and Fire Dance

Kecak dance is commonly called Fire dance. This dance is an entertainment performance dance that portrays the role of art and is not accompanied by musical instruments or gamelan.

However, it was only accompanied by a choir of a male group. In the male group, there are about 70 people who were lined up in a circle wearing a cloth of checkerboard-shaped. This dance is very sacred, looked from the dancers who are burning with fire, but experiencing immunity and not burning.

Kecak dance is also often called Sanghyang Dance which is performed at any time for religious ceremonies. The dancers usually possess spirits and can communicate with the gods or ancestors who have been consecrated. The dancer is used as a media to express his words.

When possessed, they will also take the unexpected actions, such as doing dangerous movements or issuing sounds that they never issued before.

The Origin of Kecak Dance

An artist from Bona village, Wayan Limbak is the figure who created the Kecak Dance. In 1930, Limbak had popularized this dance abroad and was assisted by Walter Spies (a German Painter). The male dancers who dance kecak will chant the word 'cak cak cak'. That's where the name Kecak was created.

The Synopsis of Kecak Dance

The Kecak Dance Narrate that Sri Rama, the prince of Ayodya Royal was sent into exile by his father Raja Dasaratha. Deep inside the monkey forest, Rama was accompanied by his wife Sita and his loyal younger brother who name Laksamana.

The evil king of Alengka Royal who names Rahwana has a crush on Sita and want to kidnap her. The rescue efforts by the two brothers is helped by the Hanoman (The Monkey King) and his monkey army. The Rahwana is lose. Finally, that couple reunited after sunset. The flame flashlight at the center of the stage flickered in the dark sky and the singing echoed down.

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