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Jagatnatha Temple
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Jagatnatha Temple

Agung Jagatnatha Temple is the biggest temple in Denpasar City. Its location is on Mayor Wisnu Street and is very strategic, right on the east side of Puputan Badung Field and adjacent to the Bali Museum.

The History of Jagatnatha Temple

The construction of Jagatnatha Temple starts from the number of Hindu migrants who came to Denpasar City and could not find a place of worship. Then a meeting of Parisada Hindu Dharma was held on November 20, 1961.

At this meeting agreed and realized for the construction of a temple. Finally, on February 5, 1963, the governor of Bali, Mr. Anak Agung Bagus Sutedja has approved the construction of the temple. Then the name Pura Agung Jagatnatha was officially given.

When its construction in 1966 was hampered because of the September 30th the coup movement by the PKI. So that it was only resumed on July 28, 1967, until the temple was completed. Finally, on May 13, 1968, Jagatnatha Great Temple was inaugurated and opened.

Based on its shape, this temple is a Jagat Temple with beautiful buildings filled with religious ornaments and full of ethnic nuances. In the middle of the location, there is a Padmasana temple about 15 meters high. This Padmasana is dedicated as the throne of the Gods.

The Architecture of Jagatnatha Temple

There are also several the pelinggih (building) such as Pelinggih Dalem Karang, Pelinggih Ratu Niang, and Pelinggih Ratu Made. There is also Building of the Bale Paselang, Bale Gong, Bale Kulkul, Perniyosan, the Pemedal Agung in the form of the Kori Agung building and Candi Bentar building.

This temple is also open 24 hours for anyone who comes to worship. Including the arrival of tourists. However, there are things that must be considered. You still have to respect and not interfere with the continuity of Hindus who are worshiping in this temple.

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