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Buddha Temple Nusa Penida
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Buddha Temple Nusa Penida

Buddha Temple in Nusa Penida is a popular snorkeling spot that offer many the Buddha statues and sundry the beauty of marine biotas.

The Attraction of This Buddha Temple

This Buddha statue is at a depth of about 7 meters. You can get off the boat, then dive and observe its beauty. Many domestic and foreign divers diver around this statue. Because the current is strong enough, you should not be far from the ship. Usually, ships that bring tourists to Nusa Penida snorkeling spots have ropes that are used to attract diving tourists.

This underwater beauty was made about 12 years ago. Naturally, the statues are mossy. Even some of the body is covered with corals and anemones which be a playing area for small fish. The head Buddhadha statues were overgrown with sea anemones which made the statue look like it had hair. Maybe it will comfort you a little.

How to Witness the Uniqueness of Buddha Temple

Do scuba diving while taking photos from the base. You will get amazing natural photo sightings. There are various colorful fish surrounding beautiful coral.

Located in this underwater Buddhist temple, it feels like visiting a Roman site but in Balinese style. Range from the Buddha statue, Ganesha Statue, and other Hindu Goddess statues. Most of them are covered by live corals. It will spoil your eyes. Make sure your waterproof camera is always ready to take pictures from several sides.

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