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Bali Tandem Quad Bike and White Water Rafting – Amazing Track
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Bali Tandem Quad Bike and White Water Rafting – Amazing Track

Tandem quad bike and white water rafting tour is an activities combination package, that’s offered for those who want an adventure with a partner or a child.

The package is especially designed for two persons and includes good facilities to make your experiences become safer.

Here, we will invite you to try two amazing outdoor activities in natural spots near Ubud. Those activities are quad bike riding and white water rafting adventure.

Let’s find out both of them below for more detail.

  1. Quad Bike Riding

    Bali ATV Riding Adventure
    Bali ATV Riding Adventure

Quad bike riding is an adventure on wet and muddy tracks where you will ride a quad bike or atv (all-terrain vehicle).

Before starting, you are required to wear a helm and gumboots as safety equipment. Then, the guide will start to tell introduction about route and basic techniques of riding the quad bike.

Along the route, you will be challenged to conquer the thrilling obstacles as controlling and maneuvering the quad bike on wet, muddy, and steep track.

Some beautiful points such as rice fields, village, and forest will be also got through in the routes. All of them really impress your eyes.

  1. White Water Rafting

    Bali White Water Rafting Adventure
    Bali White Water Rafting Adventure

White water rafting is another adventure along river route where you will navigate and board an inflatable boat.

Along the route, you must paddle and maneuver to control the direction of the boat from large rock and cascades.

In addition, the route also gets through some stunning points such as a green forest, waterfall, and stone carving at the sides.

Inclusion of the Tandem Adventure Package

In adventure package includes complete facilities and services, as follows.

  • Private transport with driver service
  • Safety equipment for both adventures
  • Professional Instructor
  • Lunch (Indonesian Cuisines)
  • A Bottle of mineral water
  • Insurance
  • Change room, shower room with a use of towel

Note: tandem packages mean one quad bike for two persons.

The age limit to join in adventure is from 7 – 65 years old. For those who haven’t able to ride the quad bike can join as a passenger in the quad bike adventure.

Meanwhile, please you prepare to bring change of clothes, sunblock, sandals, and a camera for more amazing experience.

For joining, please contact us via below!

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