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Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud Tour Package at Affordable Price
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Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud Tour Package at Affordable Price

Being a vacation in Bali will be complete if you miss Ubud countryside into your itinerary. The countryside offers many amazing places which may give you memorable experiences along holidays.

One of the recommended places to visit in Ubud is Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which located in the southern of the countryside’s center and offers main attraction of stunning nature.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Ubud Monkey Forest
Ubud Monkey Forest

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (better-known as Ubud monkey forest) is a sanctuary in 12,5 acres forest area is inhabited by 749 long-tailed monkeys, called macaca fascicularis in scientific names.

The forest with the monkeys is managed by local community. Hence, its area and life of the monkeys looks well-maintained and beautiful.

Around the area is overgrown many wild tropical trees and plant, which is usually used as playground by the monkeys.

They like hanging and swing on the trees. Some of them are glad to carry their child while looking food. Their activities are main attraction for the visitors, and even often used as photography objects.

Sometimes the monkeys are mischievous to the visitors as snatching shiny items such as: necklace, bracelet, and glasses of the visitors.

Therefore, it isn’t advised to bring and apply many items when visiting the place.

Cool Atmosphere in Green Forest

Monkey Forest in Ubud
Monkey Forest in Ubud

As above, the sanctuary is overgrown by many wild tropical trees, which may make atmosphere in the area become cooler even though in the noon.

Hence, ­­­­­­it’s always preferred for those who want a spot to relax mind and escape from the rush of urban.

Watch around green view while taking a deep breath in fresh atmosphere, surely refresh your mind and eliminate stress therein.

Remember These before Visiting

Ubud Forest with hundred of monkeys
Ubud Forest with hundred of monkeys

For getting fun and comfortable experience when visiting, you arrive at 15.00 – 16.00. At the time, the monkeys usually feel full because they have been feed by the staffs.

Hence, they seems like more friendly to visitors and don’t want to attack you.

When you visit there and bring a camera. You should hold it on tight in order not to snatch by the monkeys.

Perhaps your items are successfully snatched by them. You should ask for help to guide staff to retake. The monkeys will be usually glad by exchanging the item with bananas.

Ubud Monkey Forest Tour

Perhaps you want to get the monkey forest and also visit other good places near Ubud. It can be got easily with Peaceful Bali Tour.

We offer Full Day Ubud Tour which features Ubud Monkey Forest as main object. And other objects which you can choose to visit are:

  • Barong and Kris Dance
  • Celuk Village
  • Ubud Painting
  • Tegalalang Rice Terrace
  • Ubud Palace
  • Ubud Art Market

The tour includes some supporting facilities such a cozy transport, a licensed driver, and fuel storage (petrol). For booking or asking any question, please send text or call us via contact below!

Thanks for Visiting!

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