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Bali Ubud Monkey Forest: The Sacred Sanctuary with The Hundred of Monkeys
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Bali Ubud Monkey Forest: The Sacred Sanctuary with The Hundred of Monkeys

Do you need a recommendation of soothing place around Ubud? Perhaps Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud Bali is a recommended place to visit.

The monkey forest is also known as Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, a natural spot that is inhabited by many monkeys and well-maintained by local people.

Soothing Green Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest and Tegenungan Waterfall (Private Trip)
Ubud Monkey Forest

The monkey forest is a sanctuary that has about 12.5 acres area and is overgrown by many tropical trees. Hence, it looks so green and good as for a spot to refresh mind.

Moreover, its area is soothing, where can make you feel at home at long time as seeing green view and taking a breath in fresh atmosphere.

Make an interaction with monkeys

As above, the forest is inhabited by about 749 Balinese long-tailed Monkey (Macaca fascicularis in Latin Language).

In there, you can see fun attraction of the monkey as hanging on the branches of trees and playing with their friend.

Perhaps you want to make an interaction or just take photos with them. It’s advised to take a guide staff to help there. Caused, some of monkeys are fierce and may attack you.

The guide will be provided in some of part, to accompany the visitors in making an interaction with the monkeys.

The Temple in Ubud Monkey Forest
The Temple in Ubud Monkey Forest

Sacred Temples in the Forest

Besides that, there are also some temples in the forest namely: Dalem Agung Padang Tegal Temple, Holy Spring Temple and Prajapati Temple.

All temples are managed by Hindus peoples in Padangtegal Area. No wonder, you may see a few Hindus peoples who come to worship there particularly in holy days.

Tips when Visiting

Seeing the Monkey in Ubud's Forest
Seeing the Monkey in Ubud's Forest

Need to know! When you visit the monkey forest, avoid wearing lustrous jewelries such as necklace and bracelet.

Sometimes, a few of the monkeys are mischievous as snatching the jewelries of the visitors. Therefore, you should keep it in the car before entering the monkey’s area.

The Location of Monkey Forest

The forest is located at Monkey Forest Street as in the southern of Ubud Center, where is near popular tourist object namely: Puri Saren Ubud and Ubud Art Market.

For more detail, you can find out the map below!


Its location can be reached easily by two-wheels or four-wheels.

However, we advise you to hire a transport service to get there if you have no driving license. Along the route to the spot, you probably will see a traffic raid by policeman.

It surely will make you waste your time.

Therefore, you should hire a transport with licensed driver services or book a tour package to get there easily, which those can be got us (Peaceful Bali Tours)

We offer Ubud Monkey Forest Tour at affordable price that includes some facilities such as: cozy transport, a licensed driver, and many mores.

For more detail, you send text or call us via contact below!

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