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Bali Atv Quad Bike Adventure Get Through Rice Fields & Forest
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Bali Atv Quad Bike Adventure Get Through Rice Fields & Forest

Doing an outdoor activity is the best way to make your holiday become memorable in Bali. One of recommended fun activity to do there is Atv Riding adventure.

The atv riding adventure is an activity that involves you to ride atv bike (also known as quad bike) and explore along challenging tracks.

Perhaps you want to try it, Peaceful Bali Tour provides atv riding tour package at special price. The good way to explore beauty of nature and get a lot of exciting experiences.

Quad Bike Adventure on Thrilling Route

Ubud Quad Bike Adventure on River Track
Ubud Quad Bike Adventure on River Track

The quad bike adventure will take a thrilling route that’s located in a rural point near Ubud, where we will get through rice fields, river track, bamboo forest, and small jungle.

Along the route, you will ride a quad bike while conquering wet, muddy, and steep terrains. Your riding skill will be tested.

The challenging terrains may pump your adrenaline rush, and even make you feel hopeless because getting stuck in puddle of muds.

However, don’t worry about it all because our experienced guide will accompany and help you if getting trouble along the route.

Witness Stunning Sceneries of Green Nature

Bali Quad Bike Adventure in Ubud
Bali Quad Bike Adventure in Ubud

When riding quad bike, you can not only conquer the challenging route but also witness stunning sceneries of green nature.

The stunning sceneries are seen along route such as stretches of rice fields, forest, and bamboo forest. All those offer green view that may take off your eyes.

In addition, you can ask the guide to stop if you want to take pictures in the background of the points. It’s recommended to bring a waterproof action camera to ease you in bringing it because of smaller design.

Meanwhile, you are also required to wear safety equipment during the adventure. All equipment (A helm and gumboots) are INCLUDED in the tour package.

For more detail about inclusion, you can check below.

Inclusions in Tour Package

  1. Transport Service (Pick up and Return Back to Hotel)
  2. Experienced Guide/Instructor
  3. Powerful Quad Bike (1.5 – 2 hours)
  4. Safety Equipment
  5. Shower Room with use of towel
  6. Locker
  7. Lunch
  8. Insurance

What to Bring

For more exciting experience, you should bring some supporting items such as extra cash money, change of clothes, sunblock, sunglass, and also camera (optional).

If you are interested to join in the quad bike adventure, please send text or call us via contact below.

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