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Besakih Temple
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Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple is a place of worship for Hindus in Bali. It has been known by the most of people in the world. Besides that in this temple area, there is not only one temple, but many temples. Therefore, Besakih Temple is often called as the biggest temple or the mother temple in Bali.

This Temple has one temple center that names Penataran Agung Besakih. In around of it, there are 18 companion temples. One of them that is called Basukian temple. Like the images of Besakih Temple which you frequently look in many media. As a main stair of large and has a great gate. This gate is an entrance to area of Penataran Agung Besakih Temple.

The History of Besakih Temple

In the beginning, Rsi Markandeya was a builder from this temple, meditated on Mount Hyang (Mount Dieng in Central Java). After meditating a long, Rsi Markandeya received a revelation to explore the forest on Dawa Island from the south to the north.

In the place of forest cracking, Rsi Markandeya buried a jar that is containing metal and holy water. The metals include gold metal, silver metal, copper metal, iron metal, and bronze metal. The five metals in the Balinese community are called the Pancadatu.

Besides the metal, a gem (called Mirahadi) is also buried in there. The place as burring the jug is called by the name Basuki which means to be safe. Given the name “Basuki” or survived caused the followers of Rsi Markandeya can carry out their duties safely. As time goes by, the name of Basuki changed to Besakih.

The Location of Besakih Temple

This Great Temple is located at Besakih Village, Rendang District, Karangasem Regency. Takes 25 Km from Denpasar city.

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