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Barong and Kris Dance
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Barong and Kris Dance

Barong and Keris Dance tells of an eternal feud between the figure of Barong who is a symbol of goodness with Rangda which manifests evil. The eternal battle has a philosophy that in life, good and evil will always be present side by side and balance each other.

Barong and Keris Dance is opened with the presence of a Barong Keket (a mythological creature depicted with a lion's head and thick fur) who lives with a monkey in the wilderness.

Once upon a time, a group of people appeared who then tried to attack The Barong because they suspected his son had been eaten by Barong. There was a fierce fight between the three men with The Barong and The Monkey. In the end, the monkey managed to injure one of the attackers.

The Synopsis of Barong and Keris Dance

In the first round, two dancers appeared as followers of Rangda. The two dancers are looking for followers of Dewi Kunti who will face their Patih.

In the second half, a Rangda follower transformed into a demon who turned the two followers of Dewi Kunti into anger. The two followers then met with the patih and together went to face Dewi Kunti.

In the third round, Dewi Kunti appeared with her son, Sadewa (Sahadewa), who had been promised to be handed over to Rangda as an offering. Dewi Kunti actually did not have the heart to sacrifice Sadewa, but a demon appeared who mastered the thoughts of Dewi Kunti and her Patih. Sadewa was arrested and tied in the middle of the forest where Rangda lived.

In that conditions, Lord Shiva appeared before Sadewa and granted him immortality. Rangda finally appeared and intended to kill Sadewa, without knowing the power that Lord Shiva had given. Rangda repeatedly tried to kill Sadewa, but always failed.

Rangda finally gave up to Sadewa and begged to be freed from the curse so he could enter heaven. Sadewa fulfilled Rangda's request and saved him so that Rangda could finally reach moksa (nirvana).
In the last part, a Rangda follower named Kalika tried to face Sadewa and also begged to be saved. Sadewa refused Kalika's request and there was a fierce battle between of them.

First Kalika transformed into a wild boar and then became a bird. Although several times changed form, Kalika always lost to Sadewa. Kalika then transformed into a figure of Rangda that Sadewa could not defeat.

Sadewa also changed his form to Barong. The strength of Barong's incarnation of Sadewa and Rangda's incarnation of Kalika has balanced power, so that they cannot defeat each other.

The Sadewa or Barong followers also tried to attack Rangda, but one by one they were defeated. At the will of the Almighty, the Barong followers were given strength so that they were immune to attacks. Barong and Keris dance was closed with thrilling attractions from the dancers who showed their immunity to daggers.

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