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Bali Waterbom
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Bali Waterbom

Waterbom Bali is one of the popular water recreation parks in Bali. It is built on an area of 3.5 hectares and offers a variety of fun and thrilling activities. You can choose from a variety of pool and dining options. Various water games provided are ready to challenge you to try it. With international standard slides for development or maintenance, it is safe for you and your family.

The list of Bali Waterbom Vehicles

  • Funtastic is a vehicle that will give your children great excitement with a variety of interesting games, such as slides, water jets, or even water cannons.
  • Pipeline, a water mode that will take you in a 150-meter pipe tube and is located at a height of 20 meters, above the Climax vehicle. The transparent tube makes you free to look at the sky of Kuta while gliding at speeds reaching 60 kph in 13 seconds. So for adrenaline activity lovers, you must try this vehicle.
  • Python You must try it if you want to slide along with three people in one tire and face each other. You and your colleagues will be invited to spin in a 6 meter diameter slide before finally arriving at the splash pool.
  • Green Vipers, use the most innovative glass fiber that will take you on a 6-meter slide all by one people.
  • Constrictor is the longest water slide in the world that reaches ¼ km.
  • Lazy river is a suitable vehicle for those of you who want to relax while enjoying waterfalls, moderate waves and tropical trees that add to your calm.
  • Superbowl will invite you to slide before finally spinning into a large cauldron at a speed of 50 kph in 19 seconds.
  • Climax is the most exciting vehicle where you will be taken into a small room that is 16 meters above the ground and let your adrenaline race before finally arriving at the trapdoor that leads you to 2.5 G-force speed. Your body will be swooped at 70 kph within 7 seconds in a vertical position before finally going back up and circling around.
  • Boomerang, a vehicle that will make you scream because it was invited to spin down at an altitude of 20 meters with speeds reaching 70 kph in 5 seconds. And before you can take a breath, you will be invited free.

Regarding the facilities provided are quite complete. Ranging from rental lockers, towels, and even the gazebo. Some food outlets can also be easily found. You who are looking for souvenirs can visit the souvenir outlet. Clinical facilities, massage, face painting, nail art, hair briding to fish therapy are other services that you can enjoy.

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