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Bali Museum
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Bali Museum

The Bali Denpasar Museum, also called the Bali provincial government museum, means the museum that is managed by the provincial government of Bali. Bali Denpasar Museum holds a lot of concerning human civilization knowledge from time to time, especially to Balinese people.

This Museum originally only had a land area of 2,600 square meters and there were three divisions of each page, outer yard, middle page, and inner page. Each page is bounded by a wall and there is a Gapura (entrance).

In the inner courtyard, there are three buildings and each it is called as the name of the area as accordance with the name of the region of the king who financed the construction of the museum namely: Karangasem Building, Tabanan Building, and Buleleng Building.

The History of Bali Museum

The initial idea to establish the Bali Museum in Denpasar came from a man named W.F.J Kroon. He was a foreigner who served as an assistant to the southern Bali resident from 1909-1913.

Originally started in 1910, from the construction of the Arca building. There were the three architects of the Arca building, namely: I Gusti Gede Ketut Kandel, I Gusti Ketut Rai, and Curt Grundler (German citizen). The construction of the Arca building was funded by the kings in Bali, who was still in power at the time. Starting from the king of Tabanan, king of Buleleng, king of Karangasem. In 1930, a man named W.T Sttuterhim, at that time serving as head of Bali's archaeological service attempted to fill the Arca building with ethnographic heritage.

A foundation that will manage the museum was formed in 1932, for the operation fluent of the museum. In 1932, precisely on December 8, 1932, the opening ceremony of the opening of the Bali Museum in Denpasar.

In 1969 the expansion of the museum area occurred, from an area of 2,600 to 6,000 square meters. Not only the area that is added but the number of buildings is also added one more and is called the east building. In 2000, this year the management of the Bali Museum in Denpasar was taken over by the provincial government of Bali.

The Location of Bali Museum

Bali Museum is located in the center of Denpasar, the address is precisely at the Mayor Wisnu Street, Denpasar. In the north of the Bali Denpasar museum, there is a large temple which is also one of the tourist attractions in Denpasar, that name is Jagatnatha Temple.

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