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Bali Coffee Plantation
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Bali Coffee Plantation

When we are talking about tours in Bali Island, it will not end. The variety of tourism objects ranging from the exoticism of natural beauty, art, culture, adventure, etc. can be enjoyed on the island of Bali. More than that, if you are a true fan of coffee drinks, then in Bali also offers special tourist objects called Agro Bali Coffee Agrotourism. Argo tours located in the Kintamani area can be one of your alternative vacations because you can know all about coffee such as how to process good and true coffee so that it produces quality coffee.

This plantation is indeed very famous for its well-known coffee production such as arabica coffee, robusta, and civet coffee production. Coffee from Kintamani is widely idolized by coffee lovers in Indonesia and even outside Indonesia. By involving the fermentation process of coffee fruit through mongoose which is very selective in choosing the best coffee, it is certain that the results can provide a unique and extraordinary coffee taste sensation.

What is unique about Bali travel in the Bali Coffee Agro tourism? As mentioned lately that coffee in there is fermented traditionally, where the Luwak (civet) is only fed with ripe red coffee. After Luwak ferments it, the coffee will be cleaned first from other impurities and then the process of roasting coffee that involves a fire stove, lit with firewood so that the taste of coffee will be more delicious to enjoy.

Besides that, This Coffee Agrotourism doesn’t also only produces Luwak coffee with its original taste. Moreover, they have also penetrated more varied flavors such as coffee variants, sugar with milk, chocolate, or ginger. So the coffee lovers will never get bored with the various flavors of coffee that have been provided. You can also enjoy the firsthand experience of how to process the coffee up to the process of serving it.

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