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Atuh King Five (Thousand Island)
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Atuh King Five (Thousand Island)

King Five Nusa Penida is one of the attractions that presents the charm of the beach. When you are here all your fatigue and stress can be relieved after seeing the admiration of King Lima's charm.

This tourist is almost the same as Kelingking Beach. What distinguishes may be just the form of coral that is displayed. As the name implies Raja Lima is indeed similar to Raja Ampat in Papua. Both of these attractions show the coral reefs on the coast. From a height we can see the panorama of the sea.

If Kelingking Beach has no towering cliff. While in Raja Lima Nusa Penida presents the beauty of the sea with decorated coral cliffs that rise in the middle of the sea. There are five coral reefs in the there. This coral hill is able to provide admiration for lovers of beach objects.

In the Raja Lima tourism area there are indeed some spots or tourist centers. It’s called Raja Lima and Pulau Seribu. The first spot we meet with Thousand Island. Next we will meet King Lima. It is at this spot that presents a very beautiful view.

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