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Peguyangan Waterfall Nusa Penida
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Peguyangan Waterfall Nusa Penida

The waterfall that Directly Falls Into the Sea

Peguyangan Waterfall in Nusa Penida is a waterfall whose water directly plunges into the open sea. Above the waterfall is a gate for those of you who like to take pictures. The beauty of your photo background definitely will be more artistic with views of cliffs and greenery.

Around the waterfall, there is a clear and healthy spring. Besides that, this spring is also considered sacred by local residents. However, you may drink it or wash your face.

In addition the spring, there is also a natural pool near the cliff and directly bordering the edge of a cliff and a view that you can enjoy directly, namely the high seas. You can use this natural pool for swimming. Under the spring there is a holy temple and often used for praying or religious ceremonies.

The Rules that Can Not Be Violated at Peguyangan Waterfall

Around the waterfall has a spring that is purified by the local population, women who are menstruating will be forbidden to approach the spring because under the spring there is a temple. This is done to respect places of worship. To avoid unwanted things, you must obey the rules.

In addition, you are also required to maintain cleanliness and must behave politely. If you find garbage around a waterfall or spring, you should pick it up and throw it into the trash provided.

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